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While one could and should expect more of a federally funded facility it is what it is. That was in March.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

Still to this day I am struggling to find housing. In Madison, WI nobody will rent to you if you have a prior eviction even if that eviction was the result of a fed case over a suicide plot and even if you beat the main charge in the case so never should have been detained that long to begin with. And thats what brings us to the story today. That is what brought me to assume the identity of Amber Moore, a 25 year old exotic dancer, helpless and in distress because her club closed down due to COVID It all started with this listing.

Craigslist prostitute Madison

Upon seeing this listing a few things stuck out. First off it is clear that this is the type of arrangement in which sex is sought in exchange for rent. And to advertise on Craigslist clearly it is the sex and not the person he is looking for.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

Additionally he says he owns a home which I later find out is 3 bedrooms but no private bedroom or bathroom. The other thing that struck out to me was that he was requiring them to be 21 or older.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

But I wanted to be sure that this was a situation where he was looking for sex and not just some sort of caretaker or something. Maybe he was a senior down on his luck and had a hard time finding someone to change his catheters or help with medical needs. Surely that sort of help in exchange for housing would be ok.

So I assumed the identity of Amber Moore I made that name up and sent him this message. I was very precise with this. He said in his Craigslist post he wanted a phone but I wanted him to work for that.

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He would feel much more confident in his abilities if he earned it not just it was given. I also played the damsel in distress routine something many types of predators enjoy.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

And finally, for his own comfort, I decided to be an exotic dancer so clearly I must be open minded right? While the truth is that exotic dancers come in all types, creepy guys generally equate dancing with prostitution so if that is what they are looking for they think they found it. However if he was just an old man who needed help with medical issues none of that would matter.

I found it interesting how forthright he was about his son being married to a Dane County Sheriffs Deputy. I will say that I know now which deputy it is and from my experiences with her while in jail she is the utmost of professional.

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She is exactly how a deputy should be so this is not an attack on her. Had he not mentioned it I would have left her out of this completely but there is no way to show the documentation without showing that. Part of me felt bad she got inadvertently roped in.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

Because she did seem like a genuinely good person and was certainly a good deputy. She wasnt a raging cunt like her blonde female coworker Deputy Bridges.

Also keep in mind he does say from the first that in exchange for housing he wants to live like a married couple with lots more sex. While his Marijuana possession in his home is actually legal by Madison General Ordinance But this also upset me for other reasons.

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As a single male it is things like this that make women hesitant to meet up with men. It makes it much harder for actual gentlemen to find dates when people need to keep their guard up to protect against predators.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

Women deserve to feel comfortable in their environment and anything that makes it more difficult to go about their day to day life comfortably and without fear of assault needs to be combatted. And even if he is a nice guy to these women insisting on such an unhealthy power dynamic in exchange for housing is predatory.

And creepy. So I needed to find out who this was so I did a check on his phone through a system I often use for doxxing people and this is what I found.

His name was Donald C Leaser age He is in fact the manager of an auto body shop in Madison, a very reputable one in fact, called Sparkle Auto Body. And he does indeed have a house on the north side of Madison at 2 Weeping Birch Circle. But I had to take it a step further and see where this was going. So I waited until the next day to keep him in anticipation and then sent him a series of texts which you can read below.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

As you can see he plays the nice guy. Comes off with a respectful demeanor. Says I can take my time getting to know him before having sex.

And this is the problem with people like Don. They truly believe they are being nice and respectful people. But yet their posting in Craigslist trying to find any woman to come live with them in exchange for being a submissive sexually. They are trying to find someone just vulnerable enough to take the bait.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

I think prostitution should be legal and regulated. I also have no problem with the BDSM community.

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And that difference comes, in part, with how you go about finding these people. Had he just ed fetlife and found a partner first then clicked and asked her to move in with him that would be one thing and would be respectable.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

He posted on Craigslist in the rooms for rent where he would be more likely to find a vulnerable woman first and BDSM partner second. And he was hoping that woman would be vulnerable enough to interject herself into this unhealthy dynamic.

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These sorts of actions are so often precursors to rape and sexual assault. While Don may be a good guy to those who know him and while he may be nice to these women his behavior and these actions are predatory nonetheless.

And it is for this reason that today I expose Don Leaser. And I hope he can use this as a reason to do better next time. And who knows maybe he can use his resources to actually help women not solicit vulnerable women into prostitution in exchange for housing.

Whatever becomes of 62 year old Don trying to hit it off with 25 year old Amber, my work here is done. I sincerely hope he can now stop his predatory behavior for the sake of men and women in Madison.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

This sort of stuff does a disservice to all! Blog at WordPress. May 6, 2.

Singles in Wisconsin, USA

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Singles in Wisconsin, USA

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Singles in Wisconsin, USA

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