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Singles in Virginia

Had a dream that I saw Chyna a few nights ago after seeing her post on the list. Dream was lack luster, hotel and room were easy to find although she was sharing it with another advertiser from BP. Can't recall the others name at the moment.

Singles in Virginia

Would repeat in a pinch but not on the regular. Happy hunting. Laura has lost a bit of weight boob still awesome. Rachel awsome breast nice MILF body very sweet best doubles around. Lauara XXX Rachel XXX It's always a bit unnerving however to hear that a provider has lost a bit of weight; or it could be just me. I hope she really is doing well. Hopefully you gave the wrong s by accident and not for malicious reasons.

If you have the correct s can you please inbox me? So, CL has been full of this chick's posts for several months. She advertises "gudd price", says she has a bill to pay or that she's a student or some other BS, and they always get flagged.

Singles in Virginia

I tried to have a dream a couple months ago, went to the area she said 20 min drive for me and called her, no answer. So I drove around the area for a minute, called again, and left a message letting her know I was around I was originally there at the exact time we agreed on. After 10 min I started to drive home when she called, I told her I was there when she said but didn't get an answer, then this drugged-up dame goes P. YCHO on me! She starts yelling and carrying on, calling me all kinds of shit, "guys like you are always doing this, you're a little-dick bich, you probably enjoy hurting women" so I hung up.

Then she called back and I let it go to voic.

Singles in Virginia

She left a crazy message saying now she had my name and and she was going to post it all over CL and see how I liked it. I called back and told her I was serious, but she flaked out and I would've gone back, but she went nutso. This went on for, like, an hour!

Singles in Virginia

I even tried to apologize not that I needed to and get her to calm down, but she still kept harassing me for an hour. Absolutely the kind of thing we all fear, the kind of thing that will make you want to give up the game for good. She sounded kind of messed-up the whole time and eventually left me alone.

Consider yourselves warned! Total fucking nightmare! Saw Porshia. A better massage than Kimberly or Cynthia. About the same level as Barbara maybe a bit better, I don't Barbara's are all the great and it's been awhile since I saw her and no crazy talk.

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The pic in her ad is not flattering but she has a nice body. Was a bit quiet and reserved until after we were done and then relaxed and friendly.

Singles in Virginia

I'll repeat. If you have credibility on the board, PM me for details. I sent you a PM also.

How did it go? The ad is gone now but the title re something like "Come by for a quick BJ! Text of ad re something like "Contact me if you are interested in quick oral release. I host only. I made contact via CL rer. The ad was flagged pretty quickly. All contact was via.

Set up a meeting at lunch.

Location is in a trailer park off Victory Blvd in Portsmouth. Very petite, white female, lots of tattoos no particular theme though. Got down to business quickly. Moderately enthusastic.

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Image which was sent to me appeared to have been taken in June of this year. It was accurate. Anyone else have an experience with this one?

Singles in Virginia

Lived in a run down trailer in P town off Victory Blvd with her boyfriend. Nice looking blonde spinner who works solo or used to offer doubles with her boyfriend.

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I saw her a couple of times last year for BBBJ no boyfriend. She said he is bi if that is anyone's thing. All I saw was a pitbull in the kitchen. Seems she's working on making ends meet for Christmas. I saw a few posts about her a couple of months back. I just saw a Craigslist ad for her posted today 27 December.

Guessing that post was a typo. Has anyone confirmed she's back? Or reason for her long vacation? She actually moved around to a couple different places and I don't think she was set up very well for incall visits. She is indeed back in Indian River.

Singles in Virginia

She did bounce around managed to see her twice while moving around. Good news same good service. She even reposted her ad today, but no response. Is her advertised the best way to get a hold of her? Too bad, was trying to find a decent massage provider, non AMP.

Some folks gave her some decent reviews and I wanted to try, but couldn't get a hold of her. Check The othER board for the phonethere's a review from this month. Good Morning All I've got some catching up to do on reports. I tried to post everything together but it really gets confusing so we will do one at a time. Contacted Jasmine and she replied right away with her picture Immediately set an appointment for later in the day.

Singles in Virginia

Jasmine is a beautiful young lady with thin body and a nice chest. First 20 minutes she was just spreading lotion on my back and legs.

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She was topless and allowed roaming up top and over the pants but not inside. I tried for more but not happening She went for the quick finish. Very pleasant girl but worth only one trip for me. She also offered a 4 hand with Monica. She is the one who worked with Kayla for a while.

Singles in Virginia

Therapeutic massages by Indian beauty Virginia beach. I'm Jasmine. Come let my soft hands work on your aching muscles. Whether it be light touch, Swedish or deep tissue massage I can take care of your every need.

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I am an experienced massuse w 3 yrs experience and I have my studio in the peaceful atmosphere of my own home. Enjoy a relaxing, feel good massage in a safe quiet tranquil candle lit environment. Anyone ever dreamt about Hannah in Chesapeake?

CYA and public advertising is one thing, and entirely different with what goes on behind closed doors. She works out of a house which is very close to Franklin and her parents house in Chesapeake. Clean location and a decent massage but totally therapeutic for me.

Sex massage Chesapeake craigslist

The picture if it's her is from years back. ZIP: 23325 23324 23323 23322 23321 23320 23326 23327 23328

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