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in Get started. You Can Tell Me Anything. By WhoHaha. You want to hear a secret? So does Teresa Lee. Rants, apologies, and secrets - Teresa is here to listen to her guests let it all out.

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Apple Podcasts. Google Podcasts. Originally recorded October Teresa interviews her twin sister Jenyi, a DJ and musician in Los Angeles, on their shared 30th birthday.

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Jenyi tells her something she's never told her before - that she used to think she could control her period cycle with her mind. They talk about how they went to opposite extremes growing up in order to cope with trauma, and Jenyi tells Teresa what she really thinks of Teresa's jokes about her. Follow Jenyi on IG at hauskaat and follow the podcast at leresatee.

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In this solo episode of the podcast, Teresa confesses how she questioned her gender in her late teens and how how it affected her sexuality. With converations from pre-pandemic, mid pandemic, and the recent past, we get into all sorts of memories. And, we end with a special song produced by Youngh3artbreak with Teresa speaking from her Teresa talks to comedian Tanner Oliver about his teenage years accidentally selling adderrall to his classmates, and how he earnestly baked pastries for his customers for good customer service.

Singles near Ohio

We discuss ADHD diagnosis in children to adults, as well as what it was like growing up with a psychiatrist parent. Tanner hosts the podcast Anomaly Homily, and you can follow him at tannerocomedy. Teresa talks to filmmaker and former Cracked colleague Adam Ganser about his conflicting desire to be a good cook and his resistance to social norms.

We discuss the idea of adjusting goals for their true motivations, ignoring unnecessary pressure from society, and what it means to be a comedy film director in a world of performers.

Toledo craigslist sex swing

Check out his films at ganserfilms. Laci Mosley Florida Girls, Scam Goddess confesses that she used to work at a bar that hosted foot fetish parties in the basement.

Singles near Ohio

We talk about her journey as an actress from New York City to Los Angeles, how she knew it was time to leave New York, and they play a game about her expertise - scams. We get into our niche love of absurd plays, why it took him so long to finish one missing course, and how he is doing in the pandemic. This Good Confessions episode is here just in time to look back on the election victory and all the positive vibes that have been difficult yet necessary to keep our strength going. Teresa releases her third annual solo confession, this time sharing how difficult it is to make choices, because she gets overwhelmed with wanting to make the right one.

Singles near Ohio

She talks about how this has stunted her emotional growth in relationships, and how she has worked to now understand how choosing is empowering, even when the choice is wrong. Listen and follow her at leresatee! Teresa talks to long time comedy friend from NY Irene Hartmann about how she worked through trauma to find happiness in She discusses working in a fulfilling but stressful political job, how she managed her anxieties in a positive and productive way, and how she feels about the pandemic and future of the country.

Teresa talks to filmmaker Russell Goldman about using his pain to make his films.

Singles near Ohio

They talk about how his social anxiety after a breakup inspired him to write his latest short "I Make Good Sounds At Parties". They discuss how he first explored and discovered he was bisexual and play a game where they make headlines bisexual. Hannah Berner confesses that she farted on a guy while they were fooling around, and discusses how she got over the embarrassment.

Teresa and Hannah discuss the constrictions of feminine expectations as well as healthy dating habits and trauma.

Singles near Ohio

You can listen to her podcast, "Berning In Hell" and follow her at beingbernz. Dominique Gelin confesses that she wants more from Democrats and believes speaking the truth, even the ugly truth, will help us get closer to the ideals we are aiming for.

Liz Magee talks to Teresa about what it's like getting back to dating during a pandemic after a long term relationship. We discuss how to get ghosted progressively, what a 9am dick pic means, and more.

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Follow her at jokesmagee. Teresa talks to comedian Irene Tu, who confesses that during quarantine, she looked up an ex-girlfriend she hasn't spoken to in years and discovered her baby blog. They discuss the impulse to check on ex's and discover they both learned to speak English when on their first day of school. Teresa talks to a machine learning expert Douglas Clarke who gets into the Toledo craigslist sex swing gritty of how machine learning algorithms are trained and come out biased in instances like law enforcement facial recognition programs and more.

We discuss the similarities between parenting and machine learning, and Teresa is shocked to learn tarot cards and the occult are popular with data scientists. Troy Walker confesses that he is a democrat, in the sense that he not only votes democratic, but also finds value in the way the Democratic Party and its leaders have attempted to bridge the gap towards progress through their policies and actions. We deconstruct the criticisms of Joe Biden from the liberal left and why centrist has become a negative word, as well as dissect the realities of idealism versus practical application.

We also dig into feelings in our game inspired by the Feelings Wheel, and more. You can follow him at TroyWalkeresq. This Good Confessions episode is PACKED with positive quarantine vibes, we go back to the first month of remote podcasts and recap only the positive intros from each episode, including an all new good confession from Teresa at the beginning, and a Confidant submitted confession at the very end.

Jason Saenz confesses that he has a tough time having tough conversations in friendships, romantic relationships, and how he has worked through and made progress in his patterns with his now wife and partner.

Singles near Ohio

You can follow him at jasoncsaenz. Stevie talks about how she discovered her body, sexuality, and how wanting to have a dick during sex helped her discover she was lesbian. We talk about her experience growing up in a conservative community with gay parents, and more.

Singles near Ohio

Stevie Wain is a standup comedian and the host of That's So Gay. Teresa talks to Cameron Esposito, author of "Save Yourself" and host of Queery podcast, about her recent rift with standup in her identity. She shares her experience with therapy as well as how she has been coping in the early days of quarantine. Note :We recorded this episode in the first days of quarantine and a lot has happened in the world since then.

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Cameron Esposito is a standup comedian, writer, podcast host, and her debut book "Save Yourself" is out now and available in audiobook. Follow her at cameronesposito.

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Teresa talks to Cody Heller, creator of the show DUMMY starring Anna Kendrick in an Emmy nominated role, about how she faked multiple injuries as a kid including a broken arm and getting braces. She also confesses a bonus secret about engineering her own vibrator out of a pen when she was younger.

You can follow her on IG at normalheller. Teresa talks to rising Tik Tok star Claira Janover, who was doxxed by right wing conservative Twitter for posting about the Black Lives Matter movement online. She discusses what happened from losing her job, getting death threats online from trolls, and explains asymmetrical entrance to power and how she challenges herself to think critically in her own belief system. Claira Janover was pushed into the media spotlight when prominent conservatives on Twitter harassed her for posting about the BLM movement.

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Teresa talks to comedian Vivian Martinez about her double life in tech, we discuss how the internet has changed our perception of what is 'real' and what to believe, how we can use technology to heal trauma and find truth, and the dangers of losing democracy if there is no representation in tech.

We also discuss the fallacy of the binary when it comes to human thinking. Vivian Martinez hosts The Vivian Show and you can follow her at vivianizcool. Jake Flores talks to Teresa how to think critically about government and economic structures outside of the capitalism vs communism narrative. They discuss inner vs outer world motivations.

He also explains common misconceptions about Marxism. Jake Flores is a comedian and host of Pod Damn America, and you can follow him at feraljokes. Maggie Mae Fish confesses that she competed in a ant as a teenager, and they discuss the coded language and politics in the world of ants, and also espouse on the values and positive friendships that were gleaned, and it wouldn't be Pride month without mentioning the intersection of their respective queer identities with their expression of femininity and dominance as teenagers. Teresa talks to journalist and author Anne Nelson about the misinformation campaign the radical right is using to skew voters in swing states and beyond.

She breaks down some tactics the strategists behind Trump and other conservative campaigns use to polarize and radicalize Americans.

Singles near Ohio

Follow her on Twitter: anelsona. Teresa pauses on guest episodes to give an update on protesting, quarantine, and where she is mentally right now. ZIP: 43615 43611 43613 43612 43614 43608 43610 43606 43607 43604 43605 43609 43620 43623 43601 43603 43635 43652 43656 43657 43659 43660 43661 43666 43667 43681 43682 43697 43699

Singles near Ohio

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