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Another male officer allegedly stored sex toys in his Capitol Police vehicle, photographed himself masturbating, and took photos of a handcuffed, partially nude woman in the back of the car, the lawsuit states.

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A male commander allegedly asked a female subordinate to have sex with him in his hotel room. The officers all received some form of punishment, described by an expert on police conduct as light. None of them were demoted or fired. These are among numerous examples provided by the department of male officer misconduct outlined in publicly available court filings from an ongoing gender discrimination lawsuit filed in by officer Jodi Breiterman, who has argued she has been unfairly punished for her own misconduct.

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The allegations have sparked little action so far from Congress, which oversees the Capitol Police and allocates taxpayer funds for its operations. The force is charged with protecting Congress, including lawmakers, employees, visitors and facilities.

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The U. Breiterman plans to appeal the decision. Breiterman was placed on paid administrative leave in for over 10 months and subsequently demoted from sergeant for making inappropriate comments, exchanging allegedly inappropriate text messages with her supervisors and sharing with a CQ Roll Call reporter a photo of a gun that was left in a bathroom by another officer.

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Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund, who assumed the top job on the force insaid the cases of male offenses provided to the court, which span from toas well as other misconduct allegations, were thoroughly investigated and personnel disciplined when allegations were substantiated. The court filings also contain details of a pattern of behavior within the Capitol Police force that until now have not been publicly reported.

The court filings describe department disciplinary records — including from its Office of Professional Responsibility — that show sexual misconduct, officers who left their guns unsecured and made derogatory statements about minorities, and incidents when information about active investigations were posted on Facebook. Walker said there should be a congressional hearing and more public disclosure to address these issues in the police force with approximately 2, sworn officers.

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Sund stressed that misconduct is the exception and not the norm on his force, which he says shows integrity and professionalism. It seems just obvious that these suspensions just have no effect. Such officer misconduct information is closely guarded by the department and is difficult to obtain because the Capitol Police is part of the legislative branch and thus exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

That means there is no law compelling public disclosure.

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Pete Kraska, a professor of police studies who specializes in ability at Eastern Kentucky University, said the Capitol Police should make its misconduct records available. They serve the public. They are paid through public funds.

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In addition to possibly breaking the law, the officer who solicited sex using an official Capitol Police computer also used a work computer to discuss his sexual preferences, according to the court filings. He was given a day suspension and was docked pay.

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Ball is the same official who in wrote a memo calling for Breiterman to be demoted. Ball, in her penalty memo, heavily weighed the media attention that came from the photo Breiterman leaked to the press.

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The officer who photographed himself masturbating was given three suspensions that totaled 25 days. The commander who sent his female subordinate several texts on his Capitol Police BlackBerry asking her to have sex with him was suspended for 20 days.

One officer suspected his wife — who worked at an elementary school — was cheating on him with a male teacher at another elementary school. The officer sent threatening messages to his wife, which caused the wife to cry and inform the school principal.

The principal deemed the threats credible and locked down the school and another elementary school. The officer received a seven-day suspension.

Lack of transparency

From January to Marcha Capitol Police officer used work computers to exchange inappropriate sexual s with women on Craigslist during his shift. He was ordered to forfeit 16 hours of pay. Philip M. Stinson, a criminal justice professor at Bowling Green State University who is an expert on police misconduct, said the behavior is not unique to the Capitol Police, but that the discipline handed down is not sufficient. Capitol Police officers have a well-documented history of leaving their guns in precarious situations. That trend is more widespread than ly known, according to the disciplinary reports in the court filings.


On Feb. The attendant picked up the firearm and gave it to a sergeant in the department. The officer received a day suspension. An officer left his loaded gun near prisoners. On April 20,the officer put his gun in a lockbox where the Capitol Police process prisoners and failed to secure the lock.

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He was given a day suspension. In Augustan officer left his loaded handgun unsecured and unattended in a gym bag in the basement of a house that he shared with other people. In one instance, the gun fell out of the bag.

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Witnesses said they often saw the gun unattended. The Capitol Police officer was given a day suspension.

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Capitol Police officers from the House Division called in a suspicious package alert in response to finding the bag. The officer who left the bag got a two-day suspension. In another instance, an officer let his daughter hold his weapon; he received a formal reprimand called a CP From Jan. In past years, Gallaudet University — a nationally known institution of higher learning for the hearing impaired — has hosted the congressional football game between lawmakers and the Capitol Police at Hotchkiss Field.

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Another image included an officer next to a former Capitol Police officer who changed gender after leaving the department. The officers involved were suspended, and the Capitol Police, in disciplinary documents, said the photos would have been highly embarrassing to the department if they were made public. In a separate incident, an officer posted a Fox News video on Facebook and commented the following:.

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Violent protests, looting, hurting innocent people and business owners, targeting cops … and for what?? If these mutts want to protest … why not send the message out to listen to the police.

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Sighhhhhhhhh … 7 yrs to go until retirement. The officer was docked 16 hours of pay, according to the documents.

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Other officers improperly disseminated department information, according to the court documents. The officers involved received CP violations.

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Breiterman also noted that Rogers, who retired from the department inmade sexually suggestive comments to her. Breiterman recounted a conversation she had with a Sgt. Mendoza, whose first name was not in the deposition included in the court filings, about her relationship with Rogers:. The [Redacted] met on the department.


He did not respond to a request for comment. The Committee will examine its findings closely, which will inform further Committee action. Lofgren added that she supports more transparency around Capitol Police inspector general reports. These reports are not available to the public.

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Davis said his bill, the Capitol Police Advancement Act, would improve ability among the force. Among other provisions, the measure would make Capitol Police inspector general reports available to the public. Tim Ryan, an Ohio Democrat, and Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, a Washington Republican — did not comment.

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In response, the senators, through their senior staff, sent a t statement. Murphy, D-Conn.

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Schumer, did not respond to requests for comment. Facebook Twitter Reddit. By Chris Marquette.

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Sund, right. Capitol Police have more than 2, sworn officers and are responsible for a complicated jurisdiction. The helicopter was used to transport the Obamas away from the Capitol.

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Weapons unsecured and unattended Capitol Police officers have a well-documented history of leaving their guns in precarious situations. Loading the player Mocking the deaf, others From Jan. What happened to Fred Rogers? The top lawmakers on committees that oversee the Capitol Police said changes are needed. ZIP: 49855

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