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Wednesday, Riggs took the stand painting a different picture of what happened and why he killed Dr. Charles Mann. Riggs posted a Craigslist ad for sex but said the post was for females and got responses but said he wasn't interested in any of them. In court Wednesday, Riggs said Dr. Mann replied to his post but under a different name so Riggs didn't know what he looked like or that he was a doctor. Riggs said he only replied to Mann because he was getting annoying so he decided to rob him instead.

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According to Riggs, when Dr. Mann showed up to his home he tried to tell him to leave the cash, laptop, and beer but the doctor refused and started undressing and at that point Riggs said he became afraid and thought Dr. Mann was going to rape him. Riggs said he choked Mann and hit his head with a 25 pound weight out of fear.

Sluts in Georgia, USA

However, the state didn't buy Riggs' story and pointed to the Facebook message he sent his best friend and the interview with investigators to remind the jury he didn't tell either of them that story. Authorities ly said Glenn Riggs choked Dr. Charles Mann and hit him on the head with a 25 pound weight.


The pathologists who investigated the doctor's death confirm that head trauma and strangulation was the cause. A witness from the Georgia Bureau of Forensic Science said that they took blood from the doctor and the blood test came back negative for drugs. On Tuesday, the jury heard an interview tape of Glenn Riggs almost admitting to killing Dr. Charles Mann in When investigators asked Riggs why he killed the doctor, he said he didn't know.

One of Riggs' best friends, Joshua Reese, read a Facebook message exchange he had with Riggs with him.

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I killed a man Josh, and the law owns me. Investigators said Riggs posted an ad for sex on Craigslist, and that Dr. Mann answered the ad. Riggs told investigators that he intended to rob the doctor, and the ad was a way to lure him to the house.

Sluts in Georgia, USA

Instead, authorities said Riggs choked Dr. Mann and hit him on the head with a 25 pound weight. He reportedly rolled Mann up in sheets and dumped his body in a creek. The trial s at 9 a.

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Testimony began Tuesday as friends, family members and investigators took the stand in the trial of Glenn Riggs II. Jurors heard the story about what happened from Riggs' own mouth. The state played the video interview between Riggs and the lead investigator Ken Rogers on the case where he basically admits the whole thing.

Riggs: Yeah, but I had no intention of doing anything sexual cause I ain't gay.

Sluts in Georgia, USA

According to Riggs' own story, his encounter with Dr. Charles Mann was all about robbery, a very different reason from what the doctor thought when he responded to a Craigslist ad for sex. He brought his laptop. I told him to bring his laptop because I wanted that, too, and he just started taking his clothes off or whatever. On video it was a very matter-of-fact statement for a serious crime.

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Audrey Lewis from the District Attorney's office says Riggs again confessed to his best friend over Facebook in a message. She asked his friend Joshua Reese to read that message from the stand. I killed a man, Josh, and the law on to me.

I love you," he read. Reese was visibly upset having to testify against the person he described as the one friend he'd give his life to defend. Even with such a peculiar willingness to offer incriminating information, there was one question he couldn't answer.

Sluts in Georgia, USA

The jury also heard from Riggs' grandmother today. The crime happened at a house she owned where Riggs was staying, but she says her grandson told her a friend had gotten sick and coughed up blood. She had no idea about the doctor until she heard it on TV. Charles Mann and hit him over the head with a 25 pound weight back in His body and car were found in the woods in South Augusta.

According to our reporter in court, the jury heard Riggs admit to the entire incident in his interview tape. Riggs allegedly made a post online for sex on Craigslist and Dr. According to the tape, Riggs said his plan was never to have sex with Dr. Mann, but instead rob him.

Sluts in Georgia, USA

Rigg's grandmother and his best friend also testified in court on Tuesday. His grandmother told the court that he had called her the morning of the incident and actually went to the house where the crime allegedly occured. Rigg's best friend told the court that he admitted to the murder in a Facebook message. In Julya judge ruled that Glenn Riggs was competent enough to stand trial.

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A psychology expert told the court that after more than four hours of testing he believed "he [Riggs] purposely distorted his responses in an attempt to come off as impaired. Indeputies believe Dr. Investigators also found Mann's Craigslist Tifton sex abandoned on Louisville Road. After Riggs was arrested, deputies said he admitted that he and Mann met online and had planned to meet for a sexual encounter.

Investigators said it looked like Riggs choked Mann to the point where he stopped breathing and then hit him over the head with a 25 pound weight. Riggs' defense argued that he was on two drugs at the time of the testing and a mood stabilizer for his alleged mental illness.

They also argued that the expert did not request documents from a hospital where Riggs was being treated. The expert assured the judge that Riggs was competent and that he believes he was coherent enough to recognize the case against him. Latest Newscasts.

Craigslist Tifton sex

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Sluts in Georgia, USA

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Sluts in Georgia, USA

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Sluts in Georgia, USA

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