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  DJing is not an intellectual, but a spiritual thing. Understanding the breathing, sweating, cheering, … organism that is your dance floor is not essential to make it as a DJ. But it is essential to become an outstanding DJ! [KW] Your FAVORITE Unknown DJ spinnin’ everything from Rock to Hip Hop! Straight F.U.C.K. Productions […]

My nickname came from my job of Sniper in the real Life, I’m also Dj Teacher / Artistic Director @ “Ergo Dj School” & Dj of the Funky House Live Band “Basual People”. My musical influences are very diverse : Funk, Soul, Metal, HipHop, Reggae, Drum&Bass, Breakbeat… The sound I like above all come from Detroit & […]

DJ Ozzie Mandias has loved music ever since he learned how to walk. In junior high school, he picked up the trumpet and quickly became the best trumpet player in his class. Once in high school, at age 14, he made his first mixed tape by listening to the radio and recording the music. Within […]

I am 47 years old Into Deep House, Tech House & Techno Started getting into DJing in 2010 when I bought my first controller a Numark dj2go. Moved on to a Numark Mixtrack Pro mk1 a couple of years later, Until in 2014 i got my first set of cdj’s. Koolsound cdj180’s & a Behringer […]

I have been a DJ for around 27 years and have loved every single minute of it. I started back in the early 90s and learnt my trade on a pair of Technics 1210s and a crate of 12” vinyl. I was a DJ for a small local radio station back in the early 90s […]

I been playing Music sense the 8th grade. Always wanted to be a Big time DJ. Something I always wanted to do. I’m just a Big House Head that loves music. So now I get my Turn to Play On  House Beats Radio Station

Originally from Newark, NJ. Served 26 yrs in the US Air Force. I’ve been DJing and mixing music for over 30 years. I have play all types of music in clubs mostly in the Miltary club overseas. While stationed overseas for 16 consecutive years, I had the opportunity to play in front of large crowds […]

Just Joe started as a DJ in 1979 with vinyl on the wheels of steel. He played during his college years as part of a group named JAWS.  JAWS played the local Jersey college circuit and worked to establish a college based radio station.  Just before graduation, Joe connected with a promoter who introduced him […]

I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Pittsburgh listening to soul music and underground dance music – what some folks may know as, “Northern Soul”. I began collecting this type music in my late teens and like many of my friends, I wanted a chance to drive the dance floor. In a stroke of […]

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